Earn $2000 - $3000 From Google AdSense Only Using Google Web Stories 2022

Today You Will Learn How Can You Earn $2000 - $3000 From Google AdSense Only Using Google Web Stories

Earn $2000 - $3000 From Google AdSense

Today You Will Learn How Can You Earn $2000 - $3000 From Google AdSense Only Using Google Web Stories

Earn $2000 - $3000 Using Google Web Stories 2022

Web Stories is a new format that Google shows in Search and Discover. The format is designed to provide “snackable” content to consumers who are on the go.

But as the Web Stories Playbook makes clear the new format has many uses that can help publishers make their websites more engaging with site visitors and increase earnings from advertising or even affiliate links.

Web stories helps publishers reach new audiences. They can also keep visitors on the site longer to view more advertisements, the format can be used to convert visitors into sales or inspired to click on affiliate links.

Web stories can be monetized in multiple ways, including affiliate links, sponsored content, programmatic ads or directly sold advertisements.

Google also provides support in the form of a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create Web Stories.

The new playbook is intended to teach publishers how to incorporate web stories into a website.

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