afghanistan girls for marriage-How can I marry an Afghan?

afghanistan girls for marriage

Requirements To Get Married in Afghanistan

Fill and sign the marriage certificate Application form

The wife and husband should be present with their Afghan IDs (Passport or Tazkira) when delivering the application to the consulate

Include Nekah Khat, or any other documents certifying their marriage

Include any supporting documents such as the birth certificate of a son or and marriage in afghanistan

Costs of a Wedding in Afghanistan:

Marriage in Afghanistan is a relatively very costly process, including excessive costs for wedding halls, lavish meals and usually a bride price. The bride price is the money paid by the groom’s family for the bride to her family.

Steps to get married in Afghanistan

Foreigners who want to marry in Kabul must first register the marriage at the Family Court, located in the Kabul Governor’s House Compound. In the provinces, outside of Kabul, marriages can be registered at the civil courts.

The couple must appear at the Family Court in Kabul with two witnesses and photo identification (preferably their passports). Witnesses should also have photo identification. If one of the individuals who wish to marry is Muslim, a religious Muslim ceremony will be performed at the time of registration. If both individuals are foreigners and non-Muslim, a civil ceremony may be performed. After the court ceremony, the couple is considered married under Afghan law; they may then conduct the family or religious ceremony/celebration of their choice.

After the marriage is registered, the court will issue a marriage certificate upon request. In Kabul, court officials say, it will take about a week to receive the certificate.

afghanistan girls for marriage 

If both or one of the parties are Muslim, the Family Court will register the marriage and perform the Muslim nekah ceremony. The nekah comprises the igaba wa qabul (acceptance agreement) and the khotba.

When a Muslim man wants to marry a foreign woman who is non-Muslim and the woman is not kitabi (of the book, i.e. Christian or Jewish), she must first convert to Islam. In either case, the court will only register the marriage religiously, with the nekah ceremony.

afghanistan girls Civil Marriages

If both parties are non-Muslim foreigners, the court will register the marriage by performing solely the igaba wa qabul or acceptance agreement without the other half of the typical Muslim religious ceremony. 

The court will also seek to apply the regulations governing marriage in the couples’ home country. For example, although Afghan law permits polygamy, foreign men will not be allowed to marry multiple women.

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