Israel Defense Forces (Israeli army) । why israel army so powerful 2022

In today's blog we will discuss in detail about the Israeli army

Israel Defense Forces । why israel army so powerful 2022

In today's blog we will discuss in detail about Israel Defense Forces । why israel army so powerful 2022

Israeli army name

The Israel Defense Forces (IDFHebrewצְבָא הַהֲגָנָה לְיִשְׂרָאֵל Tsva ha-Hagana le-Yisra'el; lit. 'The Army of Defense for Israel'), commonly referred to by the Hebrew-language acronym Tzahal (צה״ל), are the combined military forces of the State of Israel, consisting of three branches: the Israeli Ground Forces, the Israeli Air Force, and the Israeli Navy.  It is the sole military wing within the Israeli security forces, and has no civilian jurisdiction within Israel. The IDF is headed by the Chief of the General Staff, who is subordinate to the Israeli Defense Minister.


israeli army uniform

The service uniform for all ground forces personnel is olive green, navy and air force uniforms are beige. The uniforms consist of a shirt, trousers, beret neatly placed under epaulet, belt and boots. Additionally a bomber jacket and sometimes a sweater are issued to optionally be worn during cold weather.


israeli army equipment

israeli army equipment

Small arms

o    Dror lightmachine gun
o    IWI Negev lightmachine gun
o    Uzi submachine gun
o    Uzi pistol
o    Desert Eagle pistol
o    Jericho 941 pistol
o    BUL M-5 pistol
o    BUL Storm pistol
o    SP-21 Barak pistol
o    IMI Galil assault rifle
o    IWI ACE assault rifle
o    IMI Tavor assault rifle
o    M89SR sniper rifle
o    Hezi SM-1 semi-automatic PDW

Anti-tank rockets and missiles

o    MATADOR Shoulder-launched missile weapon

o    B-300 Shoulder-launched missile weapon

o    Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon

o    Shipon Shoulder-launched missile weapon

o    FGM-172 SRAW


o    Spike ATGM


o    Nimrod ATGM


Other missiles

o    Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket - Laser

o    Shafrir air-to-air missile

o    Derby air-to-air missile

o    Python air-to-air missile

o    Gabriel naval anti-ship missile

o    ADM-141 TALD

o    Popeye AGM-142 air-to-surface missile

o    Delilah cruise missile / anti-radiation missile

o    LORA theater ballistic missile

o    Jericho medium-range ballistic missile


o    IAI Arava cargo aircraft

o    IAI Sea Scan surveillance aircraft

o    IAI Nesher fighter aircraft

o    IAI Kfir fighter aircraft

o    IAI Namer fighter aircraft

o    IAI Lavi fighter aircraft

o    ATG Javelin jet trainer aircraft



o    Shaldag class fast patrol boat

o    Dabur class patrol boat

o    Dvora class fast patrol boat

o    Super Dvora Mk II class fast patrol boat

o    Super Dvora Mk III class fast patrol boat

o    Sa'ar 3-class missile boat

o    Sa'ar 4-class missile boat

o    Sa'ar 4.5-class missile boat

o    Sa'ar 5-class corvette

o    Gal-class submarine

o    Dolphin-class submarine


o    Shavit spaceflight launch vehicle

o    EROS earth observation satellite

o    Ofeq reconnaissance satellite

o    TecSAR reconnaissance satellite


Weapon stations

o    CornerShot SWAT weapon

o    Rafael Overhead Weapon Station

o    Samson Remote Controlled Weapon Station

o    Typhoon Weapon System

Active protection systems

o    Trophy active protection system

o    Iron Fist active protection system

o    Flight Guard airborne IR countermeasures system



o    EL/M-2032 fire-control radar

o    EL/M-2052 AESA radar

o    EL/M-2075 Phalcon AEW&C radar

o    EL/M-2080 Green Pine target tracking radar

o    EL/M-2083 AEW&C radar



o    ITL MARS reflex sight

o    LITENING targeting pod

o    Spice EO-GPS PGM guidance kit



o    Sherman tank

o    Sho't tank

o    Magach tank

o    Sabra tank

o    Merkava tank

Fighting vehicles

o    M113 variants

o    Nimda Shoet APC

o    Trail Blazer ARV

o    IDF Nagmachon APC

o    IDF Nakpadon CEV

o    IDF Puma CEV

o    IDF Achzarit APC

o    IDF Namer IFV

o    Nemmera ARV

o    AIL Abir

o    AIL Storm

o    Plasan Sand Cat

o    Wolf Armoured Vehicle

o    Golan Armored Vehicle

o    AIL M325 Command Car


o    Davidka mortar

o    Soltam M-66 mortar

o    Soltam M-68 howitzer

o    Soltam M-71 howitzer

o    Soltam M-120 mortar

o    L-33/39 Ro'em self-propelled howitzer

o    Makmat self-propelled mortar

o    MAR-240/290 rocket artillery launcher

o    LAR-160 rocket artillery launcher

o    LAROM rocket artillery launcher

o    Cardom mortar

o    Rascal self-propelled howitzer

o    ATMOS 2000 self-propelled howitzer

o    Sholef self-propelled howitzer

o    Pereh missile carrier


Unmanned aerial vehicles

o    Tadiran Mastiff UAV

o    Casper 250 UAV

o    Silver Arrow Micro-V UAV

o    Silver Arrow Sniper UAV

o    IAI Scout UAV

o    IAI Searcher UAV

o    IAI Harpy UAV

o    IAI Harop UAV

o    IAI Bird-Eye UAV

o    IAI I-View UAV

o    IAI Ranger UAV

o    IAI Heron UAV

o    IAI Eitan UAV

o    IAI Panther UAV

o    IAI Ghost UAV

o    IAI RQ-2 Pioneer UAV

o    IAI RQ-5 Hunter UAV

o    Elbit Skylark UAV

o    Elbit Hermes 90 UAV

o    Elbit Hermes 450 UAV

o    Elbit Hermes 900 UAV

o    Aeronautics Dominator UAV

o    Aeronautics Orbiter UAV

o    Urban Aeronautics X-Hawk UAV

o    MicroFalcon UAV

Unmanned surface vehicles


o    Protector USV

o    Guardium UGV

o    Silver Marlin USV


Air-defense systems

o    Machbet self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon

o    Barak 1 naval surface-to-air missile

o    Barak 8 naval surface-to-air missile

o    SPYDER air-defense system

o    Arrow anti-ballistic missile

o    Tactical High Energy Laser

o    Iron Dome short-range rocket defense system

o    David's Sling medium-range rocket defense system



o    Mitznefet helmet camouflage

o    Tomcar all-terrain vehicle

o    MG251/253 smoothbore tank gun

o    Kilshon anti-radiation missile launcher

o    IDF Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer

o    Skunk riot control agent

o    Scream riot control agent

o    SIMON breach grenade

o    Enhanced Tactical Computer


israeli army ranks

(רב-אלוף (רא״ל
Rav aluf (initials: Ra'al)

(Chief of General Staff)
(Lieutenant General, equivalent to NATO OF-8)
(Rav aluf means "chief champion" or "chief thousandman")


(Commanding general of a branch of arms (ground force, air force or navy) or a regional command.
(Major general, equivalent to NATO OF-7)
(Aluf, meaning "champion" or "thousandman")
(Note that in the original IDF ranks of 1948, aluf was intended to loosely translate as colonel)


(תת-אלוף (תא״ל
Tat aluf (initials: Ta'al)

(Commanding general of an arm of service (service corps) or division commander)
(Brigadier general, equivalent to NATO OF-6)
(Tat aluf translates as "sub-champion" or "sub-thousandman")
[Since 1968]


(אלוף משנה (אל״ם
Aluf mishne (initials: Alam)

(Executive officer of a divisionBrigade commander)
(Colonel, equivalent to NATO OF-5)
(Aluf mishne translates as "secondary champion" or "secondary thousandman")

(סגן-אלוף (סא״ל
Sgan aluf (initials: Sa'al)

(Executive officer of a brigadeBattalion Commander)
(Lieutenant colonel, equivalent to NATO OF-4)
(Sgan aluf translates as "deputy champion" or "deputy thousandman")
(Note that in the original IDF ranks of 1948, sgan aluf was intended to loosely translate as lieutenant colonel)


(רב סרן (רס״ן
Rav seren (initials: Rasan)
(Battalion XO [Executive Officer])

(Major, equivalent to NATO OF-3)
(Rav seren means "chief captain" or "chief military commander")



(Company / Battery Commander)
(Captain, equivalent to NATO OF-2)
(Seren, meaning "captain", translates as "captain" or "military commander")


Segen — [Since 1951]

(1948–1951) סגן ראשון,סג״ר
Segen rishon (initials: Sagar)[1948–51]
(Company XOplatoon leader)
(First lieutenant, equivalent to NATO OF-1)
(Segen rishon means "lieutenant first class"; segen literally translates as "deputy")


(סגן-משנה (סג״ם
Segen mishne (initials: Sagam) — [Since 1951]

Segen — [From 1948 to 1951]
(Platoon leader)
(Second lieutenant, equivalent to NATO OF-1)
(Segen mishne, means "second lieutenant"; segen literally translates as "deputy")

(קצין אקדמאי בכיר (קא״ב
Katzín akademai bakhír (initials: Ka'ab)

(Professional officer of the first class in the reserve – equivalent to a brevet captain.)
(officer of medical service, officer of dental medical service, officer of veterinary service, officer of justice, officer of religion.)
(Senior academic officer)


(קצין מקצועי אקדמאי (קמ״א
Katzín miktsoí akademai (initials: Kama)

(Professional officer of the second class in the reserve – equivalent to a brevet first lieutenant.)
(officer of medical service, officer of dental medical service, officer of veterinary service, officer of justice, officer of religion.)
(Professional academic officer)


(רב-נגד (רנ״ג
Rav nagad (initials: Ranag)

(Chief warrant officer, most senior specialist professional, equivalent to NATO OR-9)
(it translates as "chief warrant officer" or "chief NCO")
[Since 1993]


(רב-סמל בכיר (רס״ב
Rav samal bakhír (initials: Rasab)

(Command sergeant major, senior NCO of a Regiment or Brigade, equivalent to NATO OR-8)
(it translates as "senior chief sergeant")


(רב-סמל מתקדם (רס״ם
Rav samal mitkadem (initials: Rasam)

(Sergeant major, senior NCO of a battalion, equivalent to NATO OR-8)
(it translates as "advancing chief sergeant")

(רב-סמל ראשון (רס״ר
Rav samal rishon (initials: Rasar)

(Master sergeant, senior NCO of a company or battery, equivalent to NATO OR-8)
(it translates as "chief sergeant first class")


(רב-סמל (רס״ל
Rav samal (initials: Rasal)

(Sergeant first class, a platoon sergeant, equivalent to NATO OR-7)
(it translates as "chief sergeant")


(סמל ראשון (סמ״ר
Samal rishon (initials: Samar)

(Staff sergeant, a squad leader, NATO OR-6)
(it translates as "sergeant first class")



(Sergeant, a team leader, NATO OR-5)
(it translates as "sergeant".)


(רב טוראי (רב״ט
Rav turai (initials: Rabat)

(Corporal, a team leader, NATO OR-4)
(it translates as "chief private")



(Private E-2 or private, NATO OR-1)
(it translates as "private")

israeli army women

Women in the Israel Defense Forces have had a significant presence on the country's political scene since its independence in 1948. Israel is one of only a few countries in the world to have a mandatory military service requirement for women, though female conscription is limited to those who are ethnic Jews.

According to Israeli military statistics, 535 female soldiers had been killed while serving between the years of 1962 and 2016. Israel's regulated female integration into the armed forces predates its formal establishment in 1948, when women of the Yishuv served within the ranks of various Jewish paramilitary forces during the 1947–1949 Palestine War.  A 1999–2000 legal amendment to the 1951 Women's Equal Rights Law of Israel fully equalizes—although separately—men and women in the military.

why israel army so powerful

US support for Israel commenced in 1948 when the latter declared independence, and the US was one of the first countries to recognise Israel. Shortly after, the US started providing economic aid, and to a much smaller extent, military aid to the new state.

However, military aid to Israel greatly increased after the 1967 Six-Day war when Israel defeated neighbouring Arab armies and began occupying the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. The skew towards military financing since 1967 has meant that it represents nearly 80 percent of all aid provided by the US.


israeli army training

 Basic training for combat units generally lasts four months and ends with a final march, after which the recruits are sworn into the IDF. Afterwards, recruits go through advanced training which lasts between four months and a year in regular combat units, with the length of advanced training depending on the unit. The final step for ground combat units is the "Masa Kumta" (Beret March), during which recruits must march between 20 and 45 miles depending on their unit at night in combat gear carrying stretchers. 

After completing the march, soldiers receive the beret of their unit and are formally inducted into the IDF. Combat training in elite commando units can last between 15 and 22 months, depending on the unit.

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