Anne Frank [Wikipedia] Biography Jun 2022 - anne frank family, age, when she died, typhus anne frank, anne frank blind

Anne Frank Biography Jun 2022 - anne frank family, age, when she died, typhus anne frank, anne frank blind.

Anne Frank [Wikipedia] Biography

Anne Frank [Wikipedia] Biography

Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank (German: [ˈanə(ˌliːs maˈʁiː) ˈfʁaŋk] (listen), Dutch: [ˈɑnə(ˌlis maːˈri) ˈfrɑŋk]; 12 June 1929 – c. February or March 1945)[1] was a German-Dutch diarist of Jewish heritage. One of the most-discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust, she gained fame posthumously with the 1947 publication of The Diary of a Young Girl (originally Het Achterhuis in Dutch, lit. 'the back house'; English: The Secret Annex), in which she documents her life in hiding from 1942 to 1944, during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II. It is one of the world's best-known books and has been the basis for several plays and films.


Anne was born in Frankfurt, Germany. In 1934, when she was four and a half, her family moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands, after Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party gained control over Germany. She spent most of her life in or around Amsterdam. By May 1940, the Franks were trapped in Amsterdam by the German occupation of the Netherlands. Anne lost her German citizenship in 1941 and became stateless. As persecutions of the Jewish population increased in July 1942, they went into hiding in concealed rooms behind a bookcase in the building where Anne's father, Otto Frank, worked. Until the family's arrest by the Gestapo on 4 August 1944, Anne kept a diary she had received as a birthday present, and wrote in it regularly.

Following their arrest, the Franks were transported to concentration camps. On 1 November 1944, Anne and her sister, Margot, were transferred from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where they died (probably of typhus) a few months later. They were originally estimated by the Red Cross to have died in March, with Dutch authorities setting 31 March as the official date. Later research has suggested they died in February or early March.

Otto, the only survivor of the Frank family, returned to Amsterdam after the war to find that Anne's diary had been saved by his secretary, Miep Gies. He decided to fulfill Anne's greatest wish to become a writer and publish her diary in 1947. It was translated from its original Dutch version and first published in English in 1952 as The Diary of a Young Girl, and has since been translated into over 70 languages.



anne frank family


Anne Frank’s parents both came from middle-class German-Jewish families. Her mother, Edith Holländer, grew up in a practising Jewish home. As he said himself, Otto Frank was “born in Germany into an assimilated family that had lived in that country for centuries”. After their wedding in 1925, the two of them lived in Otto’s hometown of Frankfurt where Margot was born in 1926 and Anne in 1929.


The Franks have particular connections to the city of Frankfurt am Main: evidence shows that part of the family had lived there since the 16th century. Jews in Frankfurt, as in other European cities, were only permitted to settle in the ghetto, which in Frankfurt was the «Judengasse». 

The aftermath of the French Revolution brought equal rights for all religious denominations in 1806 and in particular the «act concerning equal civic rights of the Jewish municipality of Frankfurt» of 1811. From now on, the Frankfurt Jews were free to live anywhere in town and were not subjected to special taxes anymore. When full civic emancipation was introduced in 1864, the Jewish community of Frankfurt flourished. By the early 20th century, it had about 22,000 members and was regarded as one of the most significant Jewish communities in Europe.


Alice and Michael Frank-Stern

Otto Frank’s mother, Alice Stern, was born in 1865. She grew up in a wealthy household in Frankfurt. Until the age of 15, she attended schools and then received private tuition. In 1886, she married Michael Frank, who was fourteen years her senior.

Michael Frank came from Landau, a small town in the Palatinate region. He was the sixth of nine siblings. At the time of the wedding, the 35-year-old was a successful business man and already a shareholder in several companies. In 1901, he established the «Michael Frank banking business.».

Alice and Michael Frank had four children: Robert, Otto, Herbert and Helene (Leni). Later, Anne Frank will write in her diary that her father Otto led «the life of a rich man’s son»: «Parties every week, balls, banquets, beautiful girls, waltzing, dinners, a huge house, etc.» (Diary, 8. May 1944)


anne frank age

Born - Annelies Marie Frank

12 June 1929

Frankfurt, Germany

Died - c. February or March 1945 (aged 15)

Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Germany


how old was anne frank when she died

Anne Frank/Age at death

16 years (1929–1945)


why is anne frank famous

Anne Frank's diary has become famous throughout the world. The diary provides a vivid and poignant glimpse into the world of a young Jewish girl living in Nazi occupied Holland. Anne wrote diary while hiding from the Nazis in an Amsterdam warehouse. She was just 13 when she and her family went into hiding.

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