Marriage in kurdistan - How do you marry kurdish woman

Kurdish women live in the environment which any western person would consider extremely conservative and even kind of misogynistic. There is not much a woman is allowed to do by herself. There are lots of things which are pretty similar to dating customs and traditions in Turkey

Marriage in kurdistan - How do you marry kurdish woman

How do you marry kurdish woman 

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Dating as a Kurdish woman, you actually have no real ability to choose a partner. Moreover, dating as a concept primarily doesn’t exist. Pre-arranged marriages are extremely widespread in the Middle Eastern region, with families making the choice for their children. American and european people would see this tradition as barbaric, but people in the Middle East have nothing against it at all.

Marriage in kurdistan

even if a Kurdish woman gets to dating, she will never be able to simply marry a chosen one before he is approved by her family. Moreover, the groom also has to ask for the permission of his family.
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