Breaking News - Teacher provided drugs to Students With Vairal Video In Australia

Breaking News - Teacher provided drugs to Students

Teacher provided drugs to Students

A teacher WHO admitted to marketing drugs to high school students avoided jail when she told a court she was suffering from severe psychological state problems once she was recorded smoking cannabis with them.

Lauren Russell faced Sutherland native Court on Monday when pleading guilty to supply felonious medicine to students from moviemaker Heights Community college in Sydney’s south in late 2021.

The physics teacher, WHO was additionally operating because the school’s Year twelve advisors at the time, walked free on Monday, ending a five-month ordeal in court.


The 42-year-old created headlines across the country in Feb once footage showing her taking a success from a home-baked Gatorade-bottle ring went infective agent.

In the footage, the American-born mother of 3 is sitting on a milk crate and searching behind her before a student leans in to light-weight the ring.

Police claimed the teacher had contacted students outside of college hours and provided them with the medicine between 3pm and 5pm on December fifteen, 2021.

Russell was in remission at her city home on Feb four and charged with supply a prohibited drug.

The video went infective agent days later, however no charges were set in relevance the video.


The teacher didn't seem in court for her introduction following her arrest, however a NSW Education representative confirmed she had been barred from acting at the varsity or contacting students.

Defense attorney Dev Asiatic appeared on Russell’s behalf via audiovisual link on March nine and entered a plea of acquitted.

The court was told she would be seeking to own the charge unemployed underneath the psychological state act.

Despite telling the court she had planned to defend the allegations at a hearing in Gregorian calendar month, Russell entered a plea of guilty to the charge in Gregorian calendar month.

Russell was supported by her husband on Gregorian calendar month twenty-seven once she entered the plea.

While she conceded her guilt within the matter, her attorney told the court they still supposed to own the charge thrown out on a psychological state basis.


Documents tendered to the court unconcealed Russell messaged a student and asked them if they wished to “catch up and have a smoke” on the afternoon of December fifteen.

She then picked up 2 minors in her automobile and drove them to a section of bushland in MENA.

The court was told Russell had “sourced” the cannabis from a 17-year-old former student.

According to court documents, the teacher provided the 2 students with cannabis to smoke from their home-baked ring.

The trio took turns smoking cannabis through the Gatorade-bottle ring till they were finished, the police facts state.

When Russell drove the try to MENA Skate Park, documents reveal she told many individuals she’d smoke-dried weed with the 2 students.


On Monday, Russell visage court with the support of her husband, wherever functionary Stewart denied the psychological state application.

However, the functionary conceded the previous teacher was experiencing a “hypomanic episode” caused by her major affective disorder, that was diagnosed in 2009 and crystal rectifier to “episodes” in 2011 and 2015.

The latter episode occurred when she had smoke-dried cannabis whereas overseas along with her husband, the court detected.

Meanwhile, the court was told Russell fell into a pattern of excessive alcohol consumption throughout the Covid internment in 2021, and she or he began smoking cannabis four days before supply to the scholars.

Mr Stewart aforementioned Russell’s ethical guiltiness for the crime was somewhat, however not entirely, diminished.

He told the court it had been within the community’s interest to not dismiss the case.

Russell walked free from court on the condition she abstain from illicit drug use and still receive treatment for mental disease for a minimum of 2 years.

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