Edit Lock Screen in iOS 16 - ios 16 lock screen wallpaper, widgets, screen customization, ios 16 new features

 In today's blog we will discuss, Edit Lock Screen in iOS 16 - ios 16 lock screen wallpaper, widgets, screen customization, ios 16 new features.



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Edit Lock Screen in iOS 16 - ios 16 lock screen wallpaper, widgets, screen customization, ios 16 new features

Create a new ios sixteen lock screen

Instead of turning your iPhone display screen on and off again, you may continually get to the lock display screen via way of means of swiping down from the top-left 1/2 of of the show, even if the telecellsmartphone is unlocked.

Once you’ve executed that, long-press everywhere at the lock display screen to deliver up the customization menu. Then, press “Customize” to regulate the contemporary lock display screen, or + to feature a brand new one.

Unfortunately, the lock display screen you’ve introduced over from iOS 15 isn't customizable, at the least withinside the preliminary public beta. If you need to feature widgets or regulate the clock, you ought to create a brand new lock display screen from scratch.

Choose your background iOS 16

After hitting the + button, you’ll see an array of historical past options. To make the maximum of iOS sixteen’s customization potential, I endorse skipping the ready-made templates and beginning from scratch with the buttons on the top:

• Photos: Uses a unmarried photo out of your library because the wallpaper.

• People: Uses a picturegraph of a particular character as your wallpaper.

• Photo Shuffle: Automatically switches among pictures of designated people, pets, places, or matters at a frequency of your choosing. You also can manually choose a handful of pictures to cycle via. Once selected, faucet the “…” icon to extrade the shuffle frequency.

• Emoji: Type in any mixture of emoji to create a lock display screen pattern. After choosing a few emoji, swipe proper to replace among patterns, and faucet the “…” to pick a historical past colour.

• Weather: Shows an lively wallpaper that displays the contemporary climate conditions.

• Astrology: Uses area-associated imagery that displays your contemporary position. Swipe proper to pick among Earth, the moon, and the sun system.

For Photos, People, and Photo Shuffle, you may additionally observe colour filters to the images. After choosing a picturegraph, swipe proper to replace among natural, black and white, duotone, and colour wash effects. For duotone and colour wash, you may in addition modify the colours via way of means of tapping “…” and selecting “Style Color.”

Choose your widgets iOS 16

Once your historical past’s installation, you may customise iOS sixteen’s clock and lock display screen widgets.

Start via way of means of tapping the date on the top, then regulate it via the pop-up menu below. Alongside the date, you may show climate conditions, alarms, calendar activities, reminders, and health statistics. These widgets additionally function short links, so that you can faucet the alarm to leap into the Clock app, or faucet the climate to view a greater certain forecast.

For the clock, you may faucet to pick among exclusive fonts or colors, or hit the globe icon to choose Arabic Indic or Davanagari numerals.

Beneath the clock, Apple has area for added widgets, which include information updates, clever domestic status, battery levels, alongside greater certain statistics on climate and health.  Just faucet on a widget to feature it, drag and drop to reposition it, and faucet the minus button to cast off it.

iOS sixteen will guide third-celebration widgets withinside the future, however I’ve but to stumble upon any as of this writing.

Choose your home wallpaper 

Once you’ve installation the lock display screen for your liking, hit “Done,” and iOS sixteen will gift  picks for your property display screen’s wallpaper: “Set as wallpaper pair” makes use of a blurred model of the lock display screen historical past, while “Customize Home Screen” presents some extra settings:

  • Use a blurred and unblurred model of the lockscreen wallpaper.
  • Use a gradient historical past colour for the wallpaper.
  • Use a stable historical past colour for the wallpaper.
  • Choose an photo out of your gallery for the wallpaper. As with lock display screen images, you may pick colour filters for this wallpaper as well.

Use focus to switch lock screen automatically

Focus modes are a characteristic that Apple delivered in iOS 15, letting you disguise sure types of notifications primarily based totally to your contemporary activity. For instance, you may agenda a “Sleep” awareness that silences all notifications, or a “Work” awareness that lets in e-mail or Slack indicators to return back via.

In iOS sixteen, every Focus mode will have its personal lock display screen, so that you ought to installation darkish wallpaper without a widgets for Sleep mode, and a greater colourful wallpaper with reminders and calendar activities for Work mode.


To assign a Focus mode for your lock display screen, simply long-press the display screen, then faucet the “Focus” button at the lowest and choose the mode you need to use.  If you haven’t installation any Focus modes but, you may do this below iOS Settings > Focus.

Tweak your notifications

The ultimate element you may do to tweak the iOS sixteen lock display screen is extrade the arrival of notifications. If you head to Settings > Notifications > Display As, you’ll see some options:

• Stack: The default show mode, which indicates new notifications from exclusive apps in an overlapping stack.

• List: More comparable to iOS 15, this indicates new notifications in a non-overlapping listing.

• Count: This indicates most effective the variety of ignored notifications with out a more details.

In all 3 cases, swiping up will display the total listing of notifications, which are available in from the lowest of the display screen.

With that, your iOS sixteen lock display screen have to be greater fine to appearance at, and perhaps even greater useful. If you release your telecellsmartphone as frequently as I do, it’s likely really well worth the attempt after all.

How to CUSTOMIZE Your Lock Screen in iOS 16 Video tutorial

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