How to Create Google Web Stories for Blogger - Web Stories Update 2022

Web Stories are a device thru which a blogger can get visitors quickly, just like withinside the case of YouTube shorts, so that you can say that it's miles like shorts, however for the blogger only, now no longer for YouTubers.

Stories get a lot quicker traction than everyday web blog posts, so why should not you operate them? You can use them to carry visitors and earn money, too, due to the fact you monetize the testimonies with Google AdSense.

But you could have a query approximately how you may get visitors, so the easy solution is that the Google net testimonies are proven in among the Google News feeds due to that, the probabilities of visitors increase, and with that, the incomes additionally increases.

So you recognize what testimonies, are, now no longer lifestyles testimonies, Google Web Stories, however now you are excited to recognize how you may create them.

You can also additionally have heard or visible the academic for WordPress, however you failed to see an instructional for Blogger, so that is the academic for folks that are the usage of Blogger.

How to Web Stories

To create testimonies, you'll want to create an account at the internet site. It is a internet site this is used to create testimonies, and the primary factor is that it's miles endorsed via way of means of Google, so that you do not need to fear approximately whatever withinside the experience that the platform is intuitive.

Navigate to the internet site, and create an account via way of means of clicking at the sign on button from the pinnacle proper nook of the internet site.

After signing-in to the internet site you'll see a dashboard of

Go to the overall settings phase from the sidebar and comply with the settings below.

General Seo Settings Tab 

In the general Seo settings, you will be asked to enter four things author name, author type, story language, and publisher name.

Author name- Enter your name in this option.

Story Language- In the box, enter the language in which you're going to make stories.

Author Type- Select the author type from the person or organization. If you are the only individual to publish a story, then select a person, if not select an organization.

Publisher Name- Enter the Publisher name in this section; you can enter the same name as the author name if you're only publishing it.

In the branding section, you have to submit the details and favicon of your blog or website.

Brand name- Write your website or blog name in this field.

Brand Logo- Upload your blog logo.

Brand favicon- Upload the favicon of your website.

Industry- Select the industry in which you post articles or going to post stories.

Google Analytics Settings


In this section, you have to submit the google analytics code from the get-go to google analytics and from the sidebar of that click on the admin, then click on the tracking info copy the tracking ID and paste it in this section.

How to Create Google Web Stories For Blogger

To create the web story, just click on the create a new story from the dashboard of the 

These introduce the tools that you can use to create the story; you can see the tools from the sidebar.

Background Tool




Use, you can use this if you want to use a pre-made template. The templates in this section are very good.







Auto Animate 

Auto Animate

How to Publish Story For Blogger

To publish the story you just need to click on the publish button, then click on the publish as web story.

And if you're using Blogger, then simply select the short link option from the channel option and then click on the publish button. Doing this will publish the story and the stories are hosted on so don't worry about that. 

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