Sarah Sultan Al-Enezi died in an accident, so who is she?

Who is Sarah Sultan Al-Anzi? Social networking sites and search engines were buzzing with this question after news circulated about her death as a result of a horrific traffic accident and many injuries and fractures that led to her death on the spot.

The news of the death of Sarah Sultan Al-Enezi was published on social media, and the pioneers of the social media published a hashtag in her name, so who is Sarah Sultan Al-Enezi?

Sarah Sultan Al-Enezi died in an accident, so who is she?

The death of Sarah Sultan Al-Enezi

Sarah Sultan Al-Enezi died on August 11, before arriving at the hospital after a terrible traffic accident, and the doctors were unable to help her, especially after the pulse stopped.


The hospital recorded the cause of death. The girl was injured in a traffic accident, which took her life, and prayers were held for her in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and the body was handed over to her family for burial.


Prayers were held for her in the Al-Fahd Mosque in Saudi Arabia, and the mourning ceremony was completed in her home country, Saudi Arabia. Where the accident occurred and in which country was not mentioned, as she resides outside Saudi Arabia. He did not mention where she resides and the reason for her presence outside Saudi Arabia, but the news of his death saddened many.


At the same time, some circulated a number of rumors about the cause of Sarah Sultan Al-Enezi's death, as some wrote that she was Tawfiq after contracting a malignant disease, and some accused her tribe of killing her, but some published pictures of the traffic accident that she had already been exposed to.


Who is Sarah Sultan Al-Enezi?

Sarah Sultan Al-Anzi, an orphan Saudi girl , father and mother, spread the news of her death after some people published pictures of the traffic accident she was exposed to.


Sarah Sultan Al-Enezi is 22 years old. She was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She is a single girl, as her parents died years ago. She is married to Ahmed Al-Enezi, who is thirty years old.


Sarah Sultan Al-Enezi's husband was born in the State of Kuwait and settled there for a while with his wife Sarah Al-Enezi, and after the separation he also settled in the State of Kuwait.


And one of the followers wrote on her page, that she is 22 years old, and she died in an accident, and God loves her, even the children. She is once affectionate. This girl, her grandmother, is very tired now. May God have mercy on her and forgive her, and do not forget her from supplication.

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